Become a Site

Participants at the Eastgate Library Branch - April 2015.

1. Attend an info session or speak with one of our staff
We’ll bring you up to speed on how the program works to address the three components of the digital divide, what resources TGH CHA provides, and how the program can help empower your community.

2. Identify your Trainer(s)
TGH CHA does not provide Trainers. Trainers are usually staff or volunteers from within your organization. They don’t need to be computer experts, but they should be comfortable using the Internet and online tools (such as Gmail, Google Docs, or Skype). Most importantly, they should be excited, patient, and committed to helping you participants learn!

3. Complete the Site Application online
Please complete the entire application form. Unfortunately, we have limited funding for each program session and interest is increasing rapidly, so the sooner you can complete the app, the better.

Our deadlines for 2019 are: 
 - Winter Session (January - March 2019): submit by 11/1/18, notified by 11/15/18
 - Spring Session (April - June 2019): submit by 2/1/19, notified by 2/15/19
 - Summer Session (July - September 2019): sumbit by 5/1/19, notified by 5/15/19
 - Fall Session (October - December 2019): submit by 8/1/19, notified by 8/15/19

4. Receive approval to offer a course at your site
Once we review the applications for each program session, someone from TGH CHA will contact you about your site. If you are not approved for the next upcoming session, we may be able to approve your site for a future session.

5. Trainer(s) complete the “Train the Trainer” session with our staff
When your site has been approved, we will contact your Trainer(s) to schedule their training session (takes about 2 hours). Once they complete their training with our staff, you’ll be ready to schedule and market your TGH CHA course!

For more information about the TGH CHA program, please contact us.